January 26, 2018

In describing myself to students I tell them that I am very much a student, practitioner and now an  "advanced" certified teacher of meditation by davidji.  

If you are aware and as present as you can possibly be in each moment as it unfolds you will see more clearly how the roles of "student" and "teacher" are shifting moment to moment in each encounter.  

In this moment that my student so graciously allowed me to capture, it immediately became clear that she was my in fact my teacher.

This is a picture of Danielle back for her second private session with me.  She is holding davidji's newly revised book, "secrets of meditation".  I found such joy in the fact that in less than 15 days she had ritualized her meditation practice, downloaded his 40 Days of Transformation guided meditation tracks, bought his book and clearly had it outlined with multiple post its throughout.  She told me that she was struck by a poem davidji used in the b...

January 13, 2018

I believe Louise Hay’s theory that what we are choosing to think and say in this moment will create the next moment and the next day and the next year. The point of power is always in the present moment. We are never stuck.

This moment is a new beginning right here right now! Isn’t that great to know!

It all begins with awareness ...

What are you thinking? What words are you choosing to speak? Are they in alignment with your highest version or are you thinking self sabotaging thoughts and torching your village or shutting down?

Let me introduce you to a simple destressifying technique taught by davidji called- 

16 seconds to clarity (a.k.a. 16seconds).  Not only does it have a profound destressifying impact in the moment, but it can also be the foundation for a long-lasting daily practice.

Try it now - take a long, slow deep breath in through your nostrils, and as you do slowly count to four. Observe the air as it moves into your nostrils and to the back of your throat. Watch i...

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