August 31, 2018


Practicing everyday is the basic principle of the meditation spiritual path.

Whatever we practice the most is what we become.

Ask anyone who seems to be handling their life in a manner that you want to emulate what do they practice everyday? Not once in awhile. Everyday. This is how I started on the path ~ I found Louise Hay thirty years ago and believed her. That I could change my life and create the life I wanted with a few simple changes.

Are you constantly feeling uptight when life doesn’t seem to be going right? Are you reacting to criticism by constantly defending yourself? Do you find that you are constantly having negative self defeating thoughts? Do your thoughts become giant snowballs that get bigger and bigger and you can’t stop them? Are you constantly scaring yourself? Do you respond to everyone and everything throughout your day like it’s a 911 event?

If you are chronically feeling frustrated it’s most likely because you have PRACTICED being frustrated. Now...

August 30, 2018


What is the central message of Louise Hay's wisdom in all of her books:

If you can change your thoughts, you can change your life.

You can improve the quality of your life if you practice the art of self-care and train your mind to think thoughts that make you feel good.

Every cell within your body responds to every single thought you think and every word you speak.

August 30, 2018



When we find ourselves feeling stuck in situations, or when our affirmations aren’t working, Louise Hay teaches it usually means that there’s more forgiveness work to be done. 

I meet so many people who feel stuck. In fact, before I learned how to meditate, I was one of them. I AM learning now how to master forgiveness ~ learning - practicing - 

“When you don’t flow freely with life in the present moment, it usually means that you’re holding on to a past moment. It can be regret, sadness, hurt, fear, guilt, blame, anger, resentment, or sometimes even a desire for revenge. Each one of these states comes from a space of unforgiveness, a refusal to let go and come in to the present moment. Only in the present moment can you create your future. “

“Fear”, “regret” and “resentment” are fires that burn within me. I didn’t realize until now that it relates to me not forgiving someone or something that happened. Clearly I need to go deeper on this. I will look at it t...

August 30, 2018


How can I love myself a little bit more today?

This next pearl of wisdom from Louise Hay on how we can love ourselves more is probably the one that I cherish the most....with awareness, willingness, patience and practice I am here to say you can do this - you can. I have.

STOP SCARING YOURSELF - if you love yourself stop scaring yourself

"Stop terrorizing yourself with your thoughts. It's a dreadful way to live." Stop taking a small situation and making it into a bigger monster. And, don't take a scary situation and make it even there for yourself!

How often do we find ourselves laying in bed at night wanting to fall asleep and going over and over a problem creating the worse possible scenarios?

We do this with illness – we get a pain, find a lump (or someone we love becomes ill) and instantly we are planning funerals!

We do this with our health. Recently I scared the s@#% out of myself during an exam by my dermatologist. He found something "suspicious" on my lip...

August 29, 2018


Day 40! Wow ! It’s hard to believe that 40 days have gone by since I (we) started this self love challenge inspired by davidji. I AM deeply grateful to you for encouraging me on my journey ~ for taking the time to read my very long posts and for so many kind words. I have never done anything like this before and I have grown so much just by having “how can I love myself a little bit more” in my awareness... so thank you again for taking this journey with me. To me being in a community of authentic brave vulnerable like minded souls makes all the difference. I have learned so much from you and I pray that I continue to learn and grow with you.

One of the many powerful lessons in self love that I learned from Louise Hay is that I need to be “willing” to change.

I once said that very casually to a student who had just started AA a few days before my friend asked her to come to my meditation class because she didn’t want to go alone.

This student immediately opened up to me...

August 28, 2018


How can I love myself a little bit more today?

Another of my favorite teachings from Louise Hay's list of how to love yourself starting right now:

Be Gentle and Kind and Patient With Yourself

Be gentle with yourself. Be kind to yourself. Be patient with yourself as you learn the new ways of thinking. Treat yourself as you would someone you really loved.

a good example of patience is a garden. It begins with a patch of dirt and then we add some seeds and we water it and it receives sunshine and we give it some loving attention. At first it "appears" that nothing is happening but if we are "patient" things will change and the garden will grow and bloom. If we plant tomato seeds do we keep going back and uncovering the dirt to see the progress? Of course not - we practice patience.

We can think about our minds like gardens. The question is what kind of a garden would you like - what kind of a life - what kind of experiences would you like to have? That said, what kind of seed...

August 25, 2018


How can I love myself a little bit more today?

Listen to yourself ~ Have you ever had the nerve to record your voice and listen to how you sound? Honestly, I have not done that. However, I have listened to myself speak on the recordings of the davidji monthly "all teachers webinars". Talk about my self critic rising up! Sometimes I cannot believe how I sound! Many times during these calls when I anticipate davidji might call on me, my heart beats so fast that I think everyone can hear it!

Louise Hay suggests that we tape our telephone conversations for a week or so - just our voice and then listen to it. The idea is to listen not only to what we say, but the way we say it. What are our beliefs? Who and what do we criticize? Which parent, if any, do you sound like?

For years close family members would tell me that I sounded just like my father. And honestly, my father was probably one of the most difficult men I ever had to get along with. It was never a compliment to hea...

August 14, 2018


Each morning I set the intention, "how can I love myself more today" and then I plant it in the fertile soil of my heart..well...."Something magical" happened the other night when I was out to dinner with my gorgeous husband.  As I was looking at him I noticed this heart shaped leaf behind him!  In this one precious, sacred and present moment this leaf reminded me about the Sacred Power of Attention. Where is my attention in this moment? What is my intention and are my actions aligned with my intention?

August 10, 2018


children truly are masters of wisdom.  

In this moment they remind me, In this moment they remind me, I AM loved. I AM loving. I AM love.

August 9, 2018

As St. Francis of Assisi put it, “It is no use walking anywhere to preach unless our walking is our preaching.  Hold someone’s hand tighter today. Practice kindness. Kids are our greatest teachers. What are you waiting for? The clock is ticking. The moment is NOW. #northforkmeditationteacher#davidjimeditationacademy

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