November 15, 2018


Yesterday marked the anniversary date of my youngest brother, Jerry’s transition. I AM one of those who remembers birthdays but has blocked transition dates. If I didn’t write them down in my calendar I wouldn’t know the “exact” date. During certain seasons I get reminders like when the leafs begin to change color or when people begin to talk about St Patrick’s day or when I see a daffodil or it snows. I’m reminded oh this is when my love transitioned.

I had a moment of clarity this morning right after my meditation prayer time. I realized why I don’t know the transition date. It’s because I now know they have never left me. Where would they go? Our souls are eternal. We are spirit or love whatever word you like to describe the Great Mystery. I feeeeeel love when I think of my brother Jerry so I know he is always with me. Again, where would he go?

When I started to work with davidji and enrolled in the davidji meditation academy Masters of Wisdom Meditation & Teacher tr...

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