June 13, 2019


I met this angel this week while volunteering at the mondays at racine program. We provide spa services as well as reiki and meditation to people currently in treatment for cancer. This doll had not been out of her home in a very long time. Nor had she worn makeup in a very long time. Her greatest challenge that day was her legs. They were filled with fluid and she could hardly walk but she did. She wanted to learn how to meditate! So we practiced sixteen seconds, the pattern interrupt over and over. And we went pretty deep about how angry she was at God. Meditation allows us to witness and experience our emotions without judgment right?

It was incredibly fulfilling for me to witness how after one session she was able to shift and open her heart to let some love and healing in.

As we slowly walked back to the front desk she started to stay how embarrassed she was that it was taking her so “dam long” to walk and then to watch her catch her “conditioned” response so...

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September 1, 2018

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