November 27, 2019

As I move about my life I meet so many people who are in some of the greatest health challenges of their lives. They have recently been given a diagnosis or are in various stages of learning how to “live”, and not “die” from their current health challenge(s).  Or, I meet family members intimately involved in helping their loved ones during these challenges.  

I relate to them on such a deep level because 30 years ago this month I found myself in these exact hallways. I “get” how it feels to have your world rocked in less than a minute.  I “get” how afraid they are, the stress and exhaustion one experiences from sleepless nights and fear.  The holding back and not embracing life fully from adapting a mindset of “I can’t be happy, be at peace, I have this disease, I’m waiting for the “other shoe to drop” approach to life.  

My journey to heal was a “three legged stool approach” to heal from my cancer. I practice it still today. Taught it to my k...

May 29, 2019

According to davidji in his book Secrets of Meditation, “the second most common reason people cite for not meditating is they think the results are too subtle so they can’t see any value in continuing.” He continues, “this goes back to our misconceptions about what meditation is supposed to be. If your expectations are to levitate and see colors but you are only aware of drifting back and forth between the mantra and thoughts, you will assume it’s not working and give up. You may even think you’re doing it wrong because you don’t have any A/ha moments during your practice. The benefits of our meditation practice happen in the 23 hours a day when we are not meditating. “

Meditation weaves it’s grace into how I walk, stand in line, how I drive.

When I walk my meditation practice helps me become aware of my pace and my breathing. I experience moments of profound gratitude for the ability to walk.  My practice each day helps me slow down as I move about ~ I “notice” my environment more o...

May 18, 2019

The “Brushing My Teeth” Meditation

Our day presents us with many simple and repetitive activities to become more fully present ~ to practice meditation. We can pick one for today that doesn’t require any thinking. You know, the habitual activities we do on “autopilot” like ~ brushing our teeth.

I love this meditation because I have it ritualized already. I show up everyday to do it. Sometimes more then twice! It also has a beginning and an end ~ and it’s short.

Here are the “I’m brushing my teeth meditation” instructions ~

Before you begin to brush your teeth set an intention to meditate ~

“my intention is to stay present as I’m brushing my teeth.”

When you notice that your mind has drifted away (and it will) from witnessing yourself brushing your teeth simply drift your attention back to “I’m brushing my teeth.” You may find that your attention drifted away from witnessing yourself brushing your teeth the whole time. That’s ok. That is meditation ~ we drift back and forth from the object of...

January 26, 2019

I remember years ago as a young mother of three under the age of nine and divorced worrying constantly about money.  Despite having a good enough paying job and money, I worried money would run out.  I would literally scare myself by replaying awful scenarios in my mind - mostly at night – attempting to fall asleep.  I worried I wouldn’t be able to send my kids to college (they were under the age of ten at the time).  I worried when I heard a funny sound in my car – oh God, what is THIS going to cost me - only to find I ran over a stick and it was still attached to my bumper!  Where am I going to get the money?  What if it’s more then what I have saved?  What if I use my savings for the car repair and then I have nothing left?  Oh God, please do not even tell me the refrigerator isn’t staying cold right now – I have no money to buy a new refrigerator – not now.” Every single time I sat down to pay my bills I would experience dread and have a stomachache.   That all started to change wh...

January 24, 2019


It is interesting (small word) and very often “frustrating” to me how much my spiritual work continues to be centered on my unworthiness at 62 years young. How the person I want to love me the most, myself, spends so much mental energy trying to convince me that I don’t deserve my own love. I notice these thoughts so often throughout my day. Some examples: when I receive a compliment, a hug, passing a mirror, looking into a mirror, getting dressed, when I attempt to do something new, sitting with a hospice patient, teaching meditation, writing like this, writing a blog, not getting a response to a text, attempting to move my meditation business forward, spending money on myself, saying no to a request, speaking my truth, working out or choosing not to work out, having sugar, not having sugar, unplugging, hearing about your achievements or your accomplishments, seeing ads on TV, on and on! Unworthiness – my unworthiness – my spiritual work.

Recently I read in one of my...

July 22, 2018

#selflovechallenge - inspired by davidji ~

Part of self-acceptance is releasing other people’s opinions. Many of the things we choose or have chosen to believe about ourselves have absolutely no basis in truth.

Whenever any feelings of inadequacy present themselves I remind myself that they started with me thinking negative thoughts – “stinkin thinkin”. Meditation has made me more aware that these thoughts are only words strung together. And, that these thoughts are just part of the 60 to 80 thousand other thoughts floating in my mind. They have no meaning whatsoever. I AM the one, the only one, who gives them meaning. I choose right here and right now in this precious sacred moment what kind of meaning to give them.

This is an area in my life that I continually work on and proud to say have grown exponentially in! My tools are affirmations, the pattern interrupt breath and my ritualized meditation practice.

We can use the pattern interrupt breath throughout our day to take a “time in.” We...

July 22, 2018


Affirmation: I love and accept myself exactly as I AM ~

Just for today, where will I place my attention around self love? What is my intention for self love? What one action step AM I willing to take towards my personal growth and transformation?

Yesterday having my attention on how I talk to myself helped - and i did stop and look at the note on my bathroom mirror and said the words, colleen I love and accept you exactly as you are ~ these words sort of lingered around my consciousness through out my day ~ just noticing the thoughts and noticing if any emotions would rise up.

Mirror work is a challenge for me...i tend to avoid mirrors.  I'm working on it though.  I AM willing to embrace this change.

For me it's important to remember that self love - or i like the words self kindness (which probably says a lot about the work i still need to do) is recognizing that it is an unfolding process that gains strength over time - with no fixed ending point. When we feel inco...

July 22, 2018


Day One - this challenge is inspired by my teacher, davidji.

For today, where will I place my attention around self love? What is my intention for self love? What one action step AM I willing to take towards my personal growth and transformation?

This week during our monthly “all teachers webinar” hosted by davidji (I am one of the advanced Masters of Wisdom Meditation Teachers certified by davidji) he challenged us to a 40 day challenge on....

Self Love - I'm in - anyone want to join me - ?

what this means is that we keep "self love" in our awareness for 40 days beginning today.

davidji suggested manicures/pedicures/massages - Personally, I need to go even deeper. i dont remember all of his suggestions however I do know he is suggesting this as a guide to our continued personal transformations.

In his latest book, Sacred Powers, he teaches that “The Power of Attention is the doorway to our ultimate transformation, without it we are sleepwalking through life. By recognizing...

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