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Checking in with YourSelf ~

It’s my daily intention to check in with how I AM feeling physically, emotionally and spiritually.

It starts with my morning meditation practice.

Before I learned and practiced meditation I had no idea how to meet my needs of attention, affection, appreciation and acceptance. The needs of my heart.

I didn’t even know about needs.

During a retreat with davidji he taught that throughout our day, something like 20 times a day or more, our needs are not being met! And, it’s how we respond to those unmet needs that causes “stress” which in turn then becomes the fabric of our lives.

I spent decades out of balance , people pleasing, exhausted and resentful. I blamed you for not meeting my needs only to find out that it’s my responsibility.

Once I understood this I did take responsibility. I first had to get quiet, check in and listen. Listen to my heart say, you’re too tired to say yes to that request. It’s ok to say no ~ to disappoint others sometimes.

Not easy when you have become a master at people pleasing. I had to learn how to become comfortable with saying no and then sitting in that space knowing you have disappointed someone you love deeply to practice self care.

Very much a practice with plenty of opportunities throughout my day!

I will go deeper into how stress impacts the mind and body in my upcoming workshop in March - Learn to Meditate

Send me an email if you’re interested

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