• Colleen M. Doumeng

Imagine this is the last day with whomever you are with ~

“To enhance the quality of your relationships, imagine this is your last day with whomever you are with.”

Og Mandino

Most mornings I get up after my husband, Rene. He typically leaves his bedroom door open and is downstairs moving through his morning rituals. This morning as I was getting dressed I had a sinking feeling that something might be wrong with him. Yesterday he mentioned a pain in his chest but it resolved. As we said goodnight (and before I said I love you), I asked him again about the chest pain. He said it was gone. I wondered, was it? Then I let it go.

As I stepped into the hallway this morning his door was closed. Not good I thought so I braced myself. I opened it and there he was putting away his laundry! I instantly felt a flood of joyous emotions and gave him a really good hug which of course he loved first thing in the morning. Note to self ~ do that more often today. More hugging ~ Minimum of three.

We never really know if we will ever see a particular person again yet we don’t always think that way.

Having this thought raises my consciousness. It also motivates me to resolve conflicts and find peace without delay.

When my father died he was mad at me. My father was famous for putting people he was mad at in what I called “timeout” boxes. I remember pleading with him as I left a voice message on his home phone ~ please take me out of this dumb timeout box! I miss you and I am 50 years old~ The clock is ticking. I could die before you! It was to no avail. When my father died I was still in the timeout box. Reconciling that ending was not easy on top of burying him but I eventually did thanks to a great therapist.

My father taught me how important it is to resolve conflicts quickly. To create peace with my loved ones and myself ~ without delay because we never truly know if this day is our last day.


I create peace with my loved ones and within myself. And so it is.