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Learn to Meditate


Learn to meditate and master your awareness by discovering the secrets of the art of meditation.  In simple and easy to understand language, you will:


  • Learn various fun and easy meditation tools such as following the breath and mantra

  • Understand the impact that stress has on the mind-body-spirit and how meditation affects your brain

  • Learn the scientifically proven benefits of a ritualized meditation practice

  • Discover what works for YOU

  • Learn how to ritualize and create your daily practice - how to move from being a "crisis" meditator to a "rockstar" meditator

  • Learn how to create a meditation space

  • Learn what's really suppose to happen during a meditation

  • Learn the six stages that occur during present moment witnessing awareness

  • Learn pattern interrupt techniques to help you destressify in the moment

  • Learn how to practice weaving various destressifying techniques into your day

  • BONUS: Receive your personal Nakshatra birthstar mantra in a sacred ceremony

Four (4) private Individual sessions (1.5 hour duration) - $475.00

Sessions available in-person or via confidential video platform


"Be willing to take the first step, no matter how small it is ….
Absolute miracles will happen."
  Louise L. Hay

Custom Coaching


When we work together we form a relationship, a bond:

I am hardly an “app”

I care deeply about you 

I root for you

I want the very best for you! 


Maybe you already meditate and want to take your practice to the next level.  Perhaps you want to add that second meditation to your day.  With this option, we would personalize a daily/weekly/monthly coaching support system that involves us staying connected.

Personalized experience - Pricing starts at $50/session (need-based options available)

Sessions available in-person or via confidential video platform

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