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I have so enjoyed sharing the program with you. Your dedication to your spiritual path is exemplary. I honor you for the deep service you offer. You bring tremendous empathy and caring to your clients, friends, and family. They are blessed to have you as their friend and coach.

Alan Cohen, M.A.

Author of 28 popular inspirational books and Life Coach Trainer

What Clients are Saying

How might the coach improve?

Client: Absolutely nothing. I left that zoom feeling confident, free of self doubt, and rejuvenated, and excited for the future. Which hasn't happened in a long time.

Regarding the issues or goals you presented to the coach, how do you now feel differently about them, and what might you be doing differently than before the session?

Client: I feel much more grounded than I did before speaking with Colleen. She helped me envision my future and all the things that I want, which made me excited rather than dwelling on the past. She is also helping me unravel and let go of some deep rooted grief. I think that the session accomplished exactly what it was meant to and I will continue to show up with an open heart, as I trust Colleen fully.

Any other comments or suggestions?

Client: She was absolutely wonderful and has helped me tremendously in just one session! I look forward to continuing to work with her.

Feedback from a client to my teacher, Alan Cohen

during certification for my holistic life coach program

Thought of you today. We recently went on a vacation and it was so much more enjoyable now that I meditate. Used to worry so much that my mind was never at peace. Thank you for helping me with this gift of meditation - R

Meditation Rockstar Student

One on one meditation classes

I just wanted to send you a message of appreciation and gratitude for the wonderful meditation series that I have been taking with Colleen Doumeng. Already, I am blown away by the knowledge, encouragement, and compassion that she has given us. After years of trying meditation and repeatedly giving up, Colleen has inspired me to feel like I am able to make this a consistent part of my life. These classes have greatly exceeded my expectations. Colleen is a gifted teacher who has been incredibly generous with her time. She is clearly working to establish a supportive community of women, by encouraging us to share our thoughts and feelings, without any pressure, and validating our experiences so completely. She cultivates such a warm and accepting environment, making us feel comfortable to open up and ask questions. It is obvious that she really cares.

Meditation Workshop Attendee

sponsored by Mondays at Racine

Thank you!
And thank you so much for yesterday. I can’t even express the gratitude I have, that I am able to learn from you! I just have such a lightness after our sessions. I wanted to share with you something that happened today! I took a nap!!! It sounds silly but I haven’t been able to nap in so long (trying to slow down during the day would give me such anxiety) and I truly had so much I wanted to do today BUT I chose to give myself what I needed, which was rest. And I didn’t feel bad about it! Woohoo!
Thank you for always reminding me to be kind to myself. ❤️


Grief & Life Coach Client

Thank you..Thank you..Thank you!!!My heart is so full for so many reasons...all the gifts you bestowed upon us tonight..your knowledge...your truth...your human-ness...the sharing of your story...and your humor!If it's a possible thing I have fallen in love with the woman in our group..I hated to say good bye to them..a tribe..a sisterhood..another gift from the cancer, getting to meet you and them.I learned so much tonight!Thank you for creating a safe, comfortable space for us too.Have a magnificent night for yourself!love, colleen 🦋


Workshop attendee on Secrets of Meditation

Thanks so much for The Guided Meditation this morning and the community sharing.  It works wonders for me beyond what you can imagine!


Attendee - Sunday Morning Guided Group Meditation

I use to meditate everyday...that was until I suffered a cancer diagnosis blow.  There was no way I could sit up with a rigid spine or sit cross - legged anymore.  I spent so many days in a chair making friends with an IV pole and chemotherapy.  Or, I’m lying in bed resting and sleeping.  So I stopped.  Then I met Colleen and she taught me that comfort was queen in meditation.  She also taught me “beditation” where I can lie back on a pillow or sit gently with my eyes closed in a recliner and quiet my mind by following my breath!  Thanks to Colleen I am back to meditating everyday and I am less afraid.

Client Monday at Racines

Monday at Racines

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