Would you be interested in:

  • Exploring the secrets of meditation/mindfulness

  • Improve your memory? Sleep better?

  • Becoming more patient - kinder - make better decisions

  • Reduce your anxiety?

Great come join me in this very relaxed workshop!  Together we will talk about “stress”, learn how to use in the moment stress busting techniques and explore the secrets of meditation/mindfulness. 


I offer these teachings to you as a practitioner of meditation, a student of life, and from my on-going extensive meditation certification training as an advanced certified Master of Wisdom Meditation Teacher under the guidance of davidji, as well as his two books, “The Secrets of Meditation" and "destressifying: The Real-World Guide to Personal Empowerment, Lasting Fulfillment, and Peace of Mind.”


This offering is for beginners as well as practitioners looking to deepen their practice.



A Look Inside - Recent Workshop 


Fall 2019 - September 25th & October 2nd

Town of Riverhead Recreation & Seniors Department

In this workshop participates of all ages attended to “learn how to develop a daily meditation practice.  Improve their memory and melt away stress.”  None of the students had ever meditated before!  Look at them now ~ what an honor to meet my neighbors and to meditate together on peace.  It was so inspiring to meet people so willing to learn and grow no matter their age!