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Private Holistic Life Coaching Session

Are you looking for inner peace, clarity, experiencing grief due to a loss, needing to make a decision or working towards a particular goal?  As a holistic life coach Colleen supports clients who are looking and willing to take positive steps in their lives.   Colleen will guide you towards your own inner wisdom and empower you to move in the direction you choose. 


Each coaching session will be devoted to you for the purpose of sharing whatever is most important to you.   Our session will be held in a safe, loving, and supportive space wherein Colleen will offer her full presence, confidentiality, intuition, and will share authentically from her own life experiences as your peer. 


Colleen’s approach is to consider the “whole” of the client – the body, mind and spiritual attributes of her client as she sees them as interrelated.  Colleen helps clients connect to the divine intelligence, power and inner guidance we have all been innately born with. She believes that we are multi-dimensional spiritual beings and that positive change begins in the mind, heart and attitude.  The outer changes we desire will occur naturally following inner awakening.

Personalized experience 50-minute session - Starting at $65 (need-based options available)

Sessions available in-person or via confidential video platform

"Be willing to take the first step, no matter how small it is ….
Absolute miracles will happen."
Louise L. Hay

Grief Session
You CAN Heal Your Heart After Loss 
Grief Sharing Session


This private session is designed to be a safe space and a place of comfort for those dealing with grief. 

Grief hurts and it can break your heart and can change your world.  We grieve the devastating loss of our loved ones.  And we also grieve the loss of plans, a job, a relationship, and our health.  We grieve when tragedy strikes in our communities. We can even grieve the feeling of safety and trust as our view of the world shifts after trauma.


Oftentimes healing occurs in sharing our story and recognizing that we are not alone.  However, many times our relatives and friends just don’t understand the depths of our pain. There is no timeline for grief and this session cannot fix your grief, but it is a place to understand it and share it.  We CAN heal our hearts after loss and connect more deeply to ourselves, our lives and to others thereby creating a path to peace.

Personalized experience 50-minute session - Starting at $65 (need-based options available)

Sessions available in-person or via confidential video platform

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

  Wayne Dyer

Learn to Meditate


Learn to meditate and master your awareness by discovering the secrets of meditation. 

In simple and easy to understand language, you will:


  • Learn various fun and easy meditation tools such as following the breath and mantra

  • Understand the impact that stress has on the mind-body-spirit and how meditation affects your brain

  • Learn the scientifically proven benefits of a ritualized meditation practice

  • Discover what works for YOU

  • Learn how to ritualize and create your daily practice - how to move from being a "crisis" meditator to a "rockstar" meditator

  • Learn how to create a meditation space

  • Learn what's really suppose to happen during a meditation

  • Learn the six stages that occur during present moment witnessing awareness

  • Learn pattern interrupt techniques to help you destressify in the moment

  • Learn how to practice weaving various destressifying techniques into your day

  • Receive your personal Nakshatra birthstar mantra in a sacred ceremony

Private Individual sessions (75 minutes) - $75

Sessions available in-person or via confidential video platform


Mindfulness & Support Gathering
Facilitated by Colleen M. Doumeng


4:00 pm (EST)

(room opens at 3:50 pm - please arrive early to settle in)

Zoom Meeting ID: 814 6266 6243

Passcode: 1234


Did you know ~


  • when we experience feelings of love and connection, (big and small connections), our brains release a cocktail of hormones and chemicals. This is our "love medicine" and it's superpower helps us reduce stress levels.

  • just a few minutes of daily meditation can boost the immune system, improve not only blood pressure but also experience a noticeable positive impact on chronic headaches, pain relief, cardiac rhythm irregularities, premenstrual syndrome, and even anxiety and depression.


Join us today as we gather in community and experience these amazing benefits!


This offering is a gift from Mondays at Racine Cancer Care Organization. More information can be found at:

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