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About Colleen

We all have a story and here is mine - At 33 years young I was diagnosed with tongue cancer.  My world turned upside down in one single moment.  I experienced loss on every realm, became overwhelmed with fear and thoughts about dying occupied my mind day and night.  I did not know how to live anymore with this diagnosis.  Adding to my fears – what would become of my three children under the age of nine without their mom?  My marriage was derailing and I had zero healthy coping skills to help me feel safe and loved.


Early on in my cancer treatment I started therapy.   I found great comfort in talking to someone outside of my family – someone I could be honest with and not pretend to about how I was truly feeling.  I became very interested in how my thoughts were impacting my feelings, my body and ultimately, my life.  I started to ask bigger questions about life and death.  I became a “seeker” which led me to immersing myself in studying the mindbodyspirit connection, and death and dying.


Along my journey I started to meditate on a daily basis and was invited to teach meditation to women who were currently undergoing cancer treatment (  In the private sessions, and shortly after we meditated, I found myself listening, witnessing and holding sacred space as my clients shared their suffering and grief around their cancer diagnosis and their losses.  


I am at ease in these rooms, coaching sessions and as a hospice volunteer because of my own spiritual practices, miraculous healing, my training and my life experiences with loss.  I know the healing power of having someone witness their grief with compassion and empathy.  And I also know the power and the peace one can experience when we become aware that we are so much more than our bodies and our minds.


I am honored to sit in these rooms and also share breathing techniques and tools to help people navigate challenging times, let go of stress, make better decisions and choices and experience more peace and joy.


Aside from spending time with my family, serving others during their challenges has become my purpose and passion. I engage with clients one-on-one, in group settings, and in virtual and on-location workshops. My clients range from all walks of life and ages and all are invited to participate, regardless of funds.  I invite you to journey with me and share your story...


Private Sessions

Heart Healing

destressifying workshops

Cancer Support

Family Support

Holistic Life Coach

Using a holistic approach, together we will focus on the “whole” of you – body, mind and spirit - exploring how they are all interrelated

Meditation Teacher

For those desiring more peace and less stress, you can learn real world tools and techniques to support you to feel more calm and in balance

Grief Coach

Grief is experienced in so many ways. My intention it to create a space of comfort and healing for what you are experiencing

Wayne Dyer

Ram Dass

Alan Cohen and me 0921 coach training_ed

Alan Cohen


Louise Hay


My Family



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