About Colleen

We are all on a path of awakening and we all have a story.  For me, a turning point came when as a young mom of three children, I faced a significant health challenge - diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and feeling like I had no coping skills to manage the onslaught of fear that came with it.  Through transformational teachings that I leaned into all around the connection of the mind/body/spirit, getting clear on what I desire and value and listening and trusting my inner guidance, I set about on what has now become a lifetime spiritual journey of mastering awareness – practicing how to witness and then engage with the world - from the inside out. 

Following my heart, I immersed in many practices and have found healing in real-world practical applications and tools.  At the time, these were explorations for my own inner process to find balance, heal deep wounds and tap more often into my highest version. Yet as the story of my life unfolds, I now realize these teachings are also meant for me to share as a certified Holistic Life Coach, Meditation Teacher, Grief Educator and Hospice Volunteer. 

Aside from spending time with my family, listening, sharing and supporting others is my greatest joy. I engage with clients one-on-one, in group settings, teaching virtual and on-location workshops. My clients range from all walks of life and ages and all are invited to participate, regardless of funds.  I invite you to journey with me and share your story...


Private Sessions

Heart Healing

destressifying workshops

Cancer Support

Family Support

Holistic Life Coach

Using a holistic approach, together we will focus on the “whole” of you – body, mind and spirit - exploring how they are all interrelated

Meditation Teacher

For those desiring more peace and less stress, you can learn real world techniques to support you to feel more calm and balance 

Grief Educator

Grief is experienced in so many ways. My intention it to create a space of comfort and healing for what you are experiencing

Wayne Dyer

Ram Dass

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Alan Cohen


Louise Hay


My Family