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Explore the Secrets of Meditation
Four-Part Workshop

Do you want to learn how to meditate?

Science has proven that meditation can lower blood pressure, slow down our breathing, boost our immune system, change the structure of our brains and reduce anxiety and fear, improve our memory and sleep and aid in wound healing and pain management.


Whether you are curious about meditation, have tried but just can't seem to do it, want to deepen your practice, or desire to connect with others, this four-part workshop is for you!

What to Expect

This weekly four-part workshop will build upon the lessons learned from the previous week. During our time together we will explore the following:

  • Meditation concepts, mechanics, time-tested techniques and the benefits

  • The impact that stress has on the mind/body

  • How to build and create a ritualized daily practice from the comfort of your own space

  • Techniques to help you "destressify" and relax in the moment

  • Teach you how meditation can be so fun you won't want to miss a session of practice

  • As an added bonus, I will teach you your personal Nakshatra Birth Star Mantra in a sacred ceremony

The workshop sessions are available in person or via confidential video platform.


Sessions ~ 70 minutes in duration


Pricing - please enquire

A Look Inside - Recent Workshop 


Fall 2019 - September 25th & October 2nd

Town of Riverhead Recreation & Seniors Department

In this workshop participates of all ages attended to “learn how to develop a daily meditation practice.  Improve their memory and melt away stress.”  None of the students had ever meditated before!  Look at them now ~ what an honor to meet my neighbors and to meditate together on peace.  It was so inspiring to meet people so willing to learn and grow no matter their age!

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