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What Clients are Saying

Barbara W

Participant - Aging With Grace & Awareness - Immaculata House of Prayer, Riverhead, NY- 11.12.19

Hello Colleen,

It was lovely to meet you yesterday. You are a natural teacher! It's not easy to be in front of a group and speak for an extended period of time. Your sharing from the heart was inspiring. I started my day today with a 5 minute 'beditation.' My intention is to make it part of my daily routine. 

Thank you for sharing your gifts.

Let's keep in touch,



Attendee - Sunday Morning Guided Group Meditation

Thanks so much for The Guided Meditation this morning and the community sharing.  It works wonders for me beyond what you can imagine!

Danielle O

Student who was brave enough to take me up on my offer to learn meditation for free over zoom (during the pandemic)!

I felt like so at ease yesterday after my meditation. It was only 3 minutes long and I definitely feel more in the moment using the mantra/ infinity symbol 🙏🏻

Feedback from Anna, member of Becoming Calm, Clear & Truly Happy private davidji Facebook group

after our free Skype call ~

Hi fellow meditators! I’ve just had a Skype call with Colleen who had offered me a free meditation session. For any of you thinking about it do yourself a huge favour and reach out to her! I can’t tell you how happy I am that I did! Colleen has just generously shared her story (some very strange coincidences) and her AMAZING teaching skills with me, and I feel like I’m back on track! I haven’t missed a days meditation (nearly three years since davidji first came to Ireland) but I’ll be honest I’ve been finding it really hard recently! Also thanks to SCS for giving me a nudge in the right direction! I’m so happy right now! Thanks so much to you Colleen, you’ve no idea how much this has helped me! I feel so supported right now! 🙏👌🕉💞


Private Student

Good morning Colleen thank you very much for meditating with me last night was exactly what I needed- I appreciate it. Have a wonderful blessed day ... you are wonderful ❣️

Mary - Stony Brook Cancer Center

Colleen, the feedback was wonderful!  A few of the ladies meditated that night before bed, myself included.  All you shared was helpful.  We will definitely have you back! All the Best, Mary

Awesome!!! Thank you for tonight. I needed it. Xoxo - Avigail - participant at the support group and my private student!


Thank you my friend🙏

I was walking into the Cancer Center this morning praying for positive blood work to receive my healing Keytruda infusion.  On my way in I kept repeating 

Gratitude Trust Peace Love Joy.  And you know what...I am sitting in the chair waiting for my meds✨

My meditation this morning was completely different using the mantra.

After our session yesterday I had such an overwhelming sense of calm I have NEVER felt.

I love you.


Good morning Colleen.

Its Catherine ( from Salon Be) on Monday.

I wanted to let you know, my son got me the The Cancer Conqueror book, for mothers day!

Im practicing meditation on You tube.

My vitals at MSK yesterday were normal!!!

And Im living each day in Joy and Love and Peace!

How can I ever thank you?

You saved my life.

Thank you.

Have a wonderful day!

Heather Meditation Circle Attendee

Hello Colleen, thank you so much for the wonderful meditation meeting on Friday. It was my first time out since before New Year's and it was a wonderful experience. Love you lots and lots see you soon bye !


You are so inspiring I will keep re reading your words & looking to you for guidance You are a blessing

beautiful text I was graced to receive from Shannon's mom ~

Morning Colleen. I just wanted you to know I am thinking about you and hope all is well with you and your family. Just know I will never forget the love and support you especially gave to my angel, Shannon and to our family. You are forever tucked away in my heart❤️ Hopefully we can get together at some point. All my love. Enjoy your day😄


Hi Colleen, I just want to thank you for calling this morning and thinking of G and I. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate all the help you have given me. It will definitely give me strength as I deal with all what’s going on. You are such a beautiful person. Truly blessed of our friendship. God Bless you and have a wonderful day!


You as a teacher are gentle and powerful at the same time. You are helping me get back on track with my meditations, giving me my Nakshatra Birth Star mantra was an amazing experience and you did that so well, with all your heart and passion.  Namaste!!!


Barbara lives out of state - no issue - we can FaceTime

Peace & calm....I feel more than okay - Thank you.

Client Monday at Racines

Monday at Racines

I use to meditate everyday...that was until I suffered a cancer diagnosis blow.  There was no way I could sit up with a rigid spine or sit cross - legged anymore.  I spent so many days in a chair making friends with an IV pole and chemotherapy.  Or, I’m lying in bed resting and sleeping.  So I stopped.  Then I met Colleen and she taught me that comfort was queen in meditation.  She also taught me “beditation” where I can lie back on a pillow or sit gently with my eyes closed in a recliner and quiet my mind by following my breath!  Thanks to Colleen I am back to meditating everyday and I am less afraid.

Client Joyce

Monday at Racines

Colleen has been so very instrumental in helping me cope with my medical issues through her instruction in meditation. Her expert training, commitment, dedication, and ability to connect shine through. 


day 28 of a 40 day challenge to meditate twice a day ~ Happy Thanksgiving!  My gratitude to you for this unbelievable gift (I stay in touch with her everyday).  I tried to lock down this morning meditation for almost five years.  With your love I have one month.  Thank you.  (At the time of this post Charlene is a rockstar meditator - she is in day 48 of meditating twice a day!


Destressifying Workshop

L I Traditional Tae Kwon Do Family Center:  Thank you so much for the beautiful words & for helping us start / continue our journey in bringing more peace, less stress & mediation to our lives. We are looking forward to your continued guidance ....& the Chocolate mediation was great 😊Thanks for that treat 


Weekly destressifying Circle - Eastern Sun Holistic Health - Southold, NY


Good morning!  I wanted to touch base!  I've been keeping up with my practice - sometimes I stink but sometimes I'm on so that's good ahah!  I wanted to tell you I introduced my husband to meditation and he's enjoying it and using it to deal with his work.  So your impact extends outward :) have a great day.  - DL - private student

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