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Personal Mantra




“If the teacher is indeed wise, he does not bid you enter the house of his wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.” – Kahil Gibran


We know that meditation is a tool to help us quiet our minds.  In mantra meditation we use the silent repetition of a word or a phrase to disconnect us from the activity around us – thoughts, sounds, and physical sensations.  We keep our present-moment awareness solely on the mantra’s vibrational quality.  After consistent silent listening to the mantra it becomes the sole object of our attention.  This helps us quiet those sixty to eighty thousands thoughts we have each day and find that space between them.  I have found using my very own personal birth star mantra a great tool to connect me more fully to the stillness and silence that rests within. 


The mantra that I use is the ancient technique known as Nakshatra Birth Star Mantra.  Nakshatra (pronounced NAK-SHATRA) is the Sanskrit word for Birth Star.

You never ever forget who you receive your personal mantra from.  That moment serves as the fractal of your ritualized meditation practice.  In 2013, I was graced to receive my birth star mantra from davidji during a sacred ceremony in Tulum, Mexico.  I have been meditating ever since and my life has transformed.  Yes, transformed. 

What is a Nakshatra Birth Star Mantra?

According to the ancient Jyotish calculation of heavenly bodies, this is the star in direct alignment with you at the moment you were born – the first star the moon saw as you passed into this earthly realm.  We know that it takes thousands of years – in some cases millions of light years - for the light of a star to be visible.  When you learn the Sanskrit name of the light from the star that heralded the 24-hour period you passed from the unmanifest to the manifest – from stardust to birth – it is one of the most sacred and magnificent sounds you will ever hear.  And, the vibration of this mantra will resonate on the deepest level and guide you to that still point that rests at the core of your being.

Sacred Space
Maya Tulum
Maya Tulum Mexico
davidji event

Receiving your mantra directly from a teacher is ideal because you can continue working together as your practice evolves.  The teacher is simply a conduit for you to open to the practice, receive your mantra, refine your technique, and evolve in its ongoing use.  As an advanced teacher of davidji, I am certified to serve as the conduit of the birth star mantra.  I will help you use this tool that will connect you to the wisdom that already exists within you. 

Please reach out to me personally if you are interested in this tool of transformation and I will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Namaste ~

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