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It all begins with awareness”

 ~ davidji


Awareness, awareness, awareness…

Why Meditate?

The main reason most people suffer with stress is because they don’t have the right tools to address it. 


Many of us are struggling with feelings of:

  • overwhelm

  • fear

  • feeling out of balance

  • experiencing restless sleep

  • searching for deeper fulfillment that rarely seems to come

We all have our own unique reasons for wanting to learn how to meditate.  Maybe you are attracted to meditation because you heard it may help you sleep better, lower your blood pressure, breathe more easily, boost your immune system, ease some pain both emotional and physical.  


I wanted to learn to meditate because I desired more peace and wanted to establish conscious contact with God.  All of my teachers seem to agree that I would need to sit still and meditate.  I tried that for over thirty years and failed.  I was very uncomfortable with the silence.  


One day I heard a well-known and popular teacher talking about meditation in language I could finally understand.  He taught a 16 second meditation technique and asked on the radio, “who doesn’t have 16 seconds to meditate?” Well that got my attention especially since I never heard that a 16 second "time in" breath was actually called a “meditation.”  I knew I could find 16 seconds so I started right in that moment and built my practice – slowly.  Today I meditate twice a day, for 30 minutes.  There was something else I heard this teacher ask that day, "if you can't sit still with yourself for five minutes or 30 minutes a day, why would anyone else want to sit with you?  That really got me thinking about developing more self-awareness through the practice of meditation and became another big motivator for why I wanted to learn how to meditate.  Eventually I found my way into this teacher’s meditation teacher training program and today I have taught hundreds of students the same way I was taught.


Meditation has improved my life so much.  Today I experience more moments of inner peace and calm.  Now I have tools and techniques to help me when my “PTSD” gets activated, or get afraid or concerned.  It has helped me  develop a kinder attitude towards myself - meaning - I AM a better friend to myself - the inner critic has quieted down a bit and now I NEED and want to be still, unplug for a bit, check in with how I am feeling and renew.  Spiritually, I have indeed made conscious contact with God and that has made all the difference in my life - truly transformational in creating a deeper sense of who I AM beyond this body.

I AM so grateful that you are here reading this and interested in meditation.  I will help you create a meditation practice that works for you.  Together we will break the rules of meditation!  I promise to keep the language simple and not waste your time with confusing terminology and advanced techniques.  Instead, I will share with you the time-tested techniques that I was taught and use that work in real life!  It will be so easy for  you that you will want to meditate!

Treasure YourSelf ~ peace ~ colleen

Join me one-on one or in a group setting to begin your practice or deepen your journey.

Receive your mantra, refine your technique, and evolve with the wisdom in you.

Go deeper on specific topics to explore new tools and learn practical techniques.

So What's Your Reason?


I love Pema Chondron's reasons for meditation ~

"Meditation is about seeing clearly the body that we have, the mind that we have, the domestic situation that we have, the job that we have, and the people who are in our lives. It’s about seeing how we react to all these things. It’s seeing our emotions and thoughts just as they are right now, in this very moment, in this very room, on this very seat. It’s about not trying to make them go away, not trying to become better than we are, but just seeing clearly with precision and gentleness…[We] work with cultivating gentleness, innate precision, and the ability to let go of small-mindedness, learning how to open to our thoughts and emotions, to all the people we meet in our world, how to open our minds and hearts."


Whatever your reasons are, whatever your personal story is all about, I would love to connect.

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