• Colleen M. Doumeng

One of the most beautiful gifts I have ever received....

A few months ago I met a client through mondays at racine who was bold enough to meditate with me for the first time. I say "bold enough" because at first she was reluctant and then she surrendered. We talked briefly about meditation - what it is - some of the benefits and then I led her through a guided meditation. A few days later I received this magnificent poem. I was truly humbled. My dear student and friend has given me permission to share it with you:


It was unscheduled

Someone didn’t show

What am I going to get out of it?

Just be present, the voice tells me

I settle in the chair and listen to the music

I begin to relax and focus on my breath

I have to do this right

Just breathe, the voice tells me

I concentrate on the ‘stillpoint’-

The space between my inhale and exhale

I say the words out loud, Why am I here?

I continue to notice the space

I inhale and trust the exhale will follow

My body now still, eyelids calm, untwitching

I notice my mouth is dry and swallow

Surprised by the quiet, comforting peace

The warmth within my body

And I trust the answer will follow

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