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destressifying circle begins in southold, ny

Today I am basking in the halo effect of spending time last night in a collective of six amazing people who showed up with open hearts with the desire to learn how to become more present, how to let go of the past, how to respond to life being more reflective and less knee jerk, how to flow more unconditional love, forgive more and find inner peace! Our first destressifying circle kicked off in Southold, NY, in the beautiful tranquil healing space of Eastern Sun Holistic Health (

During our brief time together we opened our hearts, learned, laughed, relaxed and spent time connecting to the stillness and silence that rests within through meditation! Powerful! The world now has six more meditators in the gap helping to transform the world by transforming themselves!!! Woohoo!!!

I am deeply grateful to Kathleen and Carrie , owners of Eastern Sun Holistic, for their trust in me, their willingness and their boldness to bring these destressifying techniques to the community and raise our collective consciousness. And deep gratitude to my beloved teacher, davidji, author of destressifying. You can learn more about him and find amazing free guided meditations on his website:

I send deep gratitude to my six new bold meditating friends that I am so excited to share this journey with! Thank you - namaste ~ see you next week and in the gap!

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