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What happens during a support group gathering .....

Ever wonder?

We begin by settling in with a guided meditation (no experience necessary).

Some of us stay after meditation to join the support portion, and some of us leave after meditation. Your option based on your needs.

People talk. We talk about our experiences. We share our feelings the good the bad and the ugly. We share our fears. We share our wins and losses. We talk about the stuff that embarrasses us and the stuff we are proud about.

It’s not uncommon for us to talk about things we would never tell our family and closest friends because we know we are among friends who will understand and who we trust.

We listen. We listen mindfully. We give our full attention without judgement and we never give advice. We ask questions so we understand better. We’re not in therapy and we know that.

We validate one another.

Affirm each other.

Sometimes we cry. Sometimes we laugh and tell jokes. Sometimes we’re silly.

We share resources. Books we love, music we love. Sometimes we listen to a song or a poem. Sometimes we watch a short video to lift up our spirits.

We form deep connections on deep levels because we bring our most authentic self.

Many different things happen in a support gathering. We have a format.

Meditation ~ topic to share ~ closing meditation.

No two gatherings are ever the same.

We show up on time and we leave on time because we value “time.”

Our collective intention is to create a space that feels comfortable, welcoming and safe.

We know that love heals so we love one another.

We meet on Thursdays, virtually, 4pm (ET) -

send me an email if this sounds like something you might want to check out -

This is a gift to us from mondays at racine cancer care organization

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