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Louise Hay - I love you and Happy Birthday ~

In a heartfelt email to the members of the Hay House Community, Reid Tracy, CEO, Hay House, reminded us that today would have been Louise Hay's 91st birthday. Today, two hundred and fifty people will gather for one last "party" in Louise's honor just as she wanted. She did not want a funeral ceremony or memorial.

Reid told us that Louise wanted to be cremated but did not state what to do with her ashes, so it was up to him to decide what to do with them. He said that he thought back to the early days when Louise worked with people with AIDS. "Louise started helping people with aids from her living room and eventually hosted a support group every week with a 1,000+ people at a park in West Hollywood. This was at a time when there were no movie stars helping the gay community and the President wouldn’t even say the word aids. Everyone was afraid and didn’t know what to do, so Lulu stepped in to help and change people’s thinking about the dis-ease. She said “We aren’t going to sit around and say ain’t it awful, we are going to take a positive approach to life.” "There were so many people we all knew and loved who passed away during that period. Every time one of the “boys” as Louise called them, would leave us, she would plant a tree in their honor so they would be with us forever." In Louise's honor Reid is going to distribute packets of her ashes and is hoping that the recipients plant a tree, sprinkling the ashes around the base. I love this idea - I will be planting a tree in Louise's honor one day very soon.

Whenever I think about Louise Hay I become emotional. I have said so many times that Louise Hay changed the trajectory of my life. She is by far one of my greatest teachers and I carry her heart within mine every day.

Louise miraculously came into my life when I was a mere 33 years young and dealing with a cancer diagnosis. I read her book "You Can Heal Your Life" cover to cover. It sits on my nightstand today.

Louise was the first teacher who introduced me to the idea that the body, the mind and spirit were all connected. I had never heard that before. She introduced me to the word "metaphysical" - certainly not a word used in the hallways of Sloan Kettering back then. I have been exploring this way of life ever since.

Louise was the first person who taught me about the power of our spoken word and how our thoughts impact our lives. Louise taught me how to become aware of my self talk - and that what I was thinking about all day I was actually attracting to myself. She taught me that whatever I gave out would come back to me.

Louise taught me that no matter what my reasons were for having bitter, unforgiving feelings I could go beyond them. That I had a choice. I could choose to stay stuck or do myself a favor and be "willing" to forgive what has happened in the past, let it go and move on to create a joyous life.

“If you’re holding on to the past, you can’t be in the present. It’s only in this “now” moment that your thoughts and words are powerful. So you really don’t want to waste your current thoughts by continuing to create your future from the garbage of the past.”

I was carrying a lot of garbage from my past...

Louise taught me how to stop complaining and blaming my parents. Stop blaming "them" . Something that I did every single day over and over and over. Louise taught me to take responsibility for my own life. This was a huge and very scary lesson because that meant I was going to have to make some big changes if I truly wanted peace.

Beyond those powerful lessons, Louise taught me that "I am enough", "I deserve to be loved", "I am love", "I am safe", "the Universe is here to support me". And to go easy on myself as I am learning a new process. As I get better at my spoken word and my becoming aware of my thoughts my life will become easier. She was right. I love her idea that no matter how wonderful the present moment is, the future can be even more fulfilling and joyous.

When was the last time you spoke the word "joyous" in describing your life?

Right? - me too - love that word - that thought.

Today if someone asks me "how are you" I am going to respond - "joyous" and see what ripples ~

Louise taught me that when we are in alignment everything flows. It is possible for you. It is possible for me. It is possible for all of us. You can do it. I can do it. We all can do it. It is worth the effort.

Thank you Louise. All is well and I love you.

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