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The power of our ripple ~giving thanks today to all of my teachers - flowing you metta ~

Two years ago this “teacher” saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself and invited me to share it. I led my first four week destressifying workshop in 2015 at Gold’s Gym in Islip New York three days after my husband was traumatically Injured. This angel surrounded me with her warmth, love and grace. And, because of Heather’s energy i was able to connect more fully to the present moment and open the channel of my sacred powers and teach! And, my darling sister, Alicia Kime snapped this moment and sat lovingly, supporting me in the front row.

Thank you Heather and Alicia for trusting your hearts and for being there for me gently pushing me. The power of your ripple continues daily to guide me every time I sit before large groups. God knew then and reminds me now that I have a responsibility to teach what I need to learn myself. And oh so many lessons!

I truly believe the teaching davidji imparts that we transform the world by having the courage to transform ourselves ~ this is a perfect example ~ by gathering up the courage to dig deeper within despite fear and starting that internal dialogue through meditation with that 'something' bigger that I somehow managed to see in everyone else but me, read about, been taught about, dreamed of knowing - dormant forces and faculties truly are birthed and we become something far greater then we could ever even imagine. So that night i made friends with fear, opened my heart, set an intention to channel and slid over to the passenger seat. And, most importantly, as davidji taught me, I took action despite not knowing how I was going to do it - stepped into that abyss - detached from the outcome and taught (and learned). Ten curious souls showed up and I continue to lead workshops and go deeper within myself.

Feeling grateful for my teachers this morning - Heather, my beautiful sister, Alicia, all of my teachers - I send you sweet metta - unconditional love and I bow to you ~ I bow to you.

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