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That which is real never changes ~

Every sensation, every emotion, is changing all of the time. Each experience, however intense, is ephemeral. All of life is transitory. ALL OF LIFE is transitory. Every single moment is transitory.

Observing the ebb and flow of thoughts and feelings teaches us to embrace this truth.

Meditation has helped me live this teaching by training me how to become the “Witness” the “0bserver” throughout my day and to explore some pretty deep questions. I get that the mind changes - the body changes (all i have to do is look at a picture of myself from last year) - and I have taken a journey inward to learn more about what the Masters of Wisdom teach.... that my soul is the silent witness, the observer to my mind and body.

I love what Dr. David Simon teaches in The Ten Commitments - "underlying this dimension of change is your quietly observing soul providing continuity to your identity." "When your body, mind, soul are aligned, you are most likely to translate your intentions into choices that result in your desired outcome." Wow.

I use my daily ritualized meditation practice of sitting in the stillness and silence twice a day for thirty minutes to journey inward more deeply. My intention is to know this "dimension", this great Mystery called the Observer, the Witness, Soul. The journey in of itself has transformed my entire life. I have gone deep and deeper still and have experienced more peace and contentment each moment when I just observe, just witness the tides of my life washing in and out ~ the sunsets and the moon rising - every sensation, every emotion, every experience - and all the while "I" do nothing - just surrender - just observe - just witness. So humbling. May we all have more moments of observing, witnessing, not striving, not imposing our will - just surrendering to "that" which is real and never changes ~

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