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A Good Mood Is Contagious

A good mood is contagious.

So today, I CHOOSE to be in a good mood.

Even if everything that could possibly go wrong does go wrong, even if circumstances seem bleak, I will TRY not to give in and give up what IS IN MY CONTROL ~ how these events impact my mood.

I commit to practicing this mindset for myself, for others in my family and in public.


Because ~ a good mood is just as contagious as a bad mood.

At home with our kids our mood can help set the tone for THEIR day.

Same with our spouses, partners, roommates, people at work, at the grocery store, and even on a zoom call!

Have you seen this video that went viral of the man laughing hysterically on a subway? His laughter became contagious. Eventually the entire subway car is smiling and laughing!

I AM taking on this challenge today - even during the so called "difficult" moments. I AM going to decide to be in a good mood no matter what happens.

Want to join me? A good mood is contagious!

Voltaire said,

“The most important decision you make is to be in a good mood.”

My son putting cake on my face during my 65th very special birthday celebration!

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