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Choice - Everything I do is my choice ~

Choice -

everything I do is my choice. Period. I take full responsibility. The way i choose to think right now - exactly that - my choice. My thoughts. The words I choose to speak - my choice.

Awareness is so important (another plug for meditation).

This morning I caught myself saying, "Oh God, I HAVE to exercise" and it made me feel "cranky" - then I quickly became aware of that disempowering thought and changed it to an empowering thought ~

"I choose to exercise this morning." "Thank you God for my perfect health that enables me to show up for my exercise routine." I AM grateful.

And you?

How many times do you choose to use the words, "I have to"

"I have to get up,

I have to meditate,

I have to exercise,

I have to eat better,

I have to shower,

I have to pay my bills,

I have to...

These three words place so much self imposed pressure on us.

However, if we begin by saying,

“I choose to…

I choose to get up

I choose to meditate

I choose to exercise

I choose to shower

I choose to pay my bills

It puts a whole different perspective on our lives.

Also, "I choose to" create less pressure ~

Everything we do is by choice.

It may not seem so, but it is.

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