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I'm not interested in your age - but...I AM interested in this - how young is your energy?

Here’s a question that I’m pondering ~

Age is just a number ~ but the important question is

How young is your energy?

Energetically I feel more alive and vibrant today at 63 then I did in my 20’s.

My life experiences to date have led me to an “awareness” that at my “age”I have cultivated the ability to enlarge my perspectives in any given moment. Major for me as I desire peace.

My intuition, my wisdom, the gratitude I hold, my ability to love, the breath and depth of all my relationships have become so much more fulfilling at 63.

This expansion has led me to feeling more joy, more peace, more healing and means more to me than anything else in my life today.

No wonder I feel so vibrant. So joyful. So alive.

Aging is such a gift!!

And I believe for me I feel this way at 63 because I meditate. Every day. This single tool in my self care tool box has literally transformed my life. Why? Hard to explain in a few words but mostly meditation helps me master awareness and everything begins with my awareness.

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