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My Greatest Teachers

I AM not sure what I love the most about this video ~

is it that one of my granddaughters captured this moment of the innocence and determination of our 11 month old Charlotte trying to sit up on a chair and balance herself,


how it makes me feel that these kids know that grandma has a "meditation chair"


that my oldest granddaughter, Anna, (11 years old) is here teaching the youngest granddaughter, Charlotte, the fire breath breathing technique because she has seen me teaching it to Charlotte every time I see the opportunity ...


is that I AM so deeply moved by my knowing that I have been graced to be surrounded by so many magnificent divine teachers?

Hmmm...hard to say

But, here is just one of the many teaching moments in my miraculous life confirming a prayer that I learned and recite from Saint Mother Teresa:

May God break my heart so completely that the whole world falls in.  

That's why I love these moments - my heart was broken open with love. 

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