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teaching event - John T. Mather Memorial Hospital - May 16, 2017

Last night I had the privilege and the honor to talk about meditation/mindfulness to this amazing and beautiful group of woman. Together we went pretty deep, learned more about meditation and practiced a few breathing techniques to help us relax and heal our bodies. We meditated as a group and finished off our time together with the "chocolate" meditation! This group of brave-hearts meets monthly at night here at Mather Hospital as a support group entitled, "Live Love and Laugh Again."

As a way of opening ourselves up to each other I asked the woman to turn and ask the woman next to you this question, "why did you come here tonight" and to practice listening mindfully one full minute. We took turns. What struck me was that they all shared the exact same answer. Each woman said that they came to this meeting "because they loved each other and they needed each other."

How beautiful is that?

I cannot find the right words to describe what flowed over the next two hours. It was something more along the lines of what we "experienced" - as individuals and as a collective. What I can say is that I felt their unconditional love and I am so deeply grateful to have been invited.

Hafiz does a much better job of describing this group:

A hunting party Sometimes has a greater chance Of flushing love and God Out into the open Than a warrior All Alone

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