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Love your life. Love your body.

Love your life. Love your body ~

I learned this gem from one of my most influential teachers ~ Dr Bernie Siegel. Bernie says how do you know if you’re loving your life? You lose track of time and when you lose track of time you can’t get older. Hmmmm

Are you loving your life? Are you loving your body just as it is right here right now?

I love my life and I AM deeply grateful for how my body continually shows up for me. Honestly though I also deal with non acceptance at times. Resisting changes, sometimes concerned if I’m ok when I find a lump or a bump, buying into how the media thinks I should look .. but I must also admit I have been able to quiet this self critic more and more. These thoughts show up less often and when they do I practice the above affirmation.

I give the credit to my Creator, my ritualized meditation practice, my gratitude practice, my husband who thinks I’m beautiful first thing in the morning, my trainer, affirmations and all the angelic souls I am privileged to work with in hospice and Mondays at racine. The combination helps me keep it all in perspective with “right thinking”~

Love your life. Love your body.

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