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Come To The Quiet All Day Retreat

"Come To The Quiet" - A Day of Prayer, Meditation and Reflection In Community was held at Villa Immaculata House of Prayer in Riverhead, NY, October 16, 2018. I was graced to be the teacher.

Seventeen like-minded souls met to spend a day in community exploring different devotional methods of deepening their relationship with God. We listened to spiritual uplifting music and poetry, prayed, opened our hearts to each other, practiced yoga, strolled the grounds overlooking the majestic Long Island Sound, listened to the birds, shared meals and conversations, cried, laughed, looked deeply into each other eyes and ..... we learned to meditate!

It was a deeply rewarding experience of community, renewal of faith, heart opening, inspiration, courage and grace.

I AM deeply grateful to Sister Mary Ronald and Sister Barbara for trusting in me to lead this retreat.

I AM deeply grateful to all the new soul sisters I met, for trusting in themselves and me, and for showing up with such open hearts.

And deep gratitude to my lifetime soul sister "assistant", Cathy (St. Paul) Foy, for her presence, encouragement and love.

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