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Gratitude to Mather Hospital Northwell Health

A note of gratitude to the woman who came out to learn how to "destressify" Tuesday evening at the Live, Love and Laugh Again: Breast Cancer Support Group meeting at Mather Hospital Northwell Health. Special shout out to Stephanie Crispino for inviting me back. We learned a few "in the moment stress busting techniques", spent time in community sharing and supporting each other and finished our sacred time together in a "Chocolate Meditation." I look forward to returning and going even deeper into how meditation can help us lower our blood pressure, slow our heart rates, slow our breathing, boost our immune system and even help us with pain management! We now know that meditation helps us become a little kinder, more patient, more accepting, better listeners and better choice and decision makers! It is a beautiful act of self-love. And, thank you Cynthia and Rachel for recommending me and for all that you do in service with so much love. Sending you all peace ~

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