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I remember years ago as a young mother of three under the age of nine and divorced worrying constantly about money. Despite having a good enough paying job and money, I worried money would run out. I would literally scare myself by replaying awful scenarios in my mind - mostly at night – attempting to fall asleep. I worried I wouldn’t be able to send my kids to college (they were under the age of ten at the time). I worried when I heard a funny sound in my car – oh God, what is THIS going to cost me - only to find I ran over a stick and it was still attached to my bumper! Where am I going to get the money? What if it’s more then what I have saved? What if I use my savings for the car repair and then I have nothing left? Oh God, please do not even tell me the refrigerator isn’t staying cold right now – I have no money to buy a new refrigerator – not now.” Every single time I sat down to pay my bills I would experience dread and have a stomachache. That all started to change when I met my teacher, Louise Hay.

Here are some of the first prosperity concepts she introduced to me:

“Welcome all of your bills with love, and REJOICE as you write out the checks, knowing that what you’re sending out is coming back to you multiplied. “Bills are really wonderful things. It means somebody has trusted you enough to give you their service or product, knowing that you have the ability to pay for it.”

“Bills are wonderful things” – that was a mind- blowing belief! I never heard anyone say that! That alone was going to be a major shift for me. I got busy because my worrying was starting to take a physical toll on me. I started to practice her suggested affirmations – I started to examine my negative thoughts and beliefs around money. I tried meditation. I tried to “trust” and let go.

Today, when I find myself dealing with a negative thought around prosperity (specifically money), I have tools to use to shift upward to prosperity consciousness. I am no longer a crisis meditator and have ritualized my meditation practice. This is by far the best tool I have in my self-care, self-love box. It has been transformational for me. Meditation allows me to bring awareness around the poverty thought – to just notice it – just observe it – give it some space. Meditation allows me throughout my day to find that space between my thoughts where I can drop back and connect to my soul or the “Witness.” That part of me that has no opinion, has no judgment and is not the slightest bit interested in the drama perpetuated by my ego. This part of who I am knowsthat I am one with the Power that created me and put everything I could possibly need here for me!

Life has taught me that in order for me to continue to prosper I must use prosperity thinking. I have learned that we can never create prosperity by talking or thinking about the lack of money. This is simply wasted thinking and will never bring abundance. Plus, it will rob you, like it did to me; of so many magnificent and fast fleeting sacred and precious present moments. Today, I have the most magnificent life filled with abundance and I am deeply grateful.

Here are the affirmations on prosperity I have used for many years that have helped me dial down my worry ~

“My income is constantly increasing,”


“I prosper wherever I turn.”

Thank you Louise L. Hay. I love you.

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