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Do you ever feel alone even in a crowd?

Before I became a meditator I felt very alone - even in a crowd or sitting at a table with friends/family - at work or in a meeting ~ more so after my kids left the nest. I knew on a very deep level that I was lonely because I didn’t like the person I was alone with. I was in a state of looking for somebody or something else to fill a void. Then I found my transformational tool~meditation.

I have said many times that meditation saves lives. It saved mine. Just in this one area alone!

Meditation has helped me discover that being alone is not a problem. It doesn’t scare me anymore. I actually find that I need to be alone, that it’s ok ~ it’s safe and an act of self love and care no prescription necessary. Now I need to connect to the silence within.

One of the best gifts meditation has given me is that it has helped me discover that I like my own company!

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