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How i met the Divine in a gas station and a grocery store parking lot

I choose to go to the same gas station around here because it is a “full service” gas station. I prefer not to pump my own gas. This may sound odd to you but I actually begin to feel joy coming over me as I pull up to the pump because I also tip the gas station attendant no matter where I am for their service which makes me feel good. I feel a tremendous amount of gratitude that I get to sit comfortably in my car while being “served” in all types of weather. I make it a point no matter what the weather is to keep my window down because I like to chat with the giver of my gift.

Yesterday I pulled into “my” station during 23F degree weather here on Long Island. I put the window down and faced a young man. He was wearing a black knit hat that covered his head but left his face exposed. I “noticed” his coat seemed warm enough but that his gloves were torn. I felt my heart sort of sighing witnessing all of this.

I spoke first and said, good morning, would you fill it please? Sure he responded, cash? Yes, please - thank you. A moment later after he got the gas going he came to my open window. He asked me, are you always this polite, do you always say please and thank you? Me – well I try to – I am very grateful that you showed up for work today and allowed me the privilege to sit comfortably in my car while it’s so cold out there for you. Aww he said, that’s nice. Then I asked him, do you find most people say please and thank you or what is your typical experience working here? I love these connections. Gentlemen: Here? He thought for a moment…well mostly people are in a hurry and they are very cranky. Do you come here often because I have never seen you before? Me: yes, I do, I like to call this place “my gas station”. Oh he said. I then told him - just so you know I also want to give you this (I handed him my little tip of five dollars that I had ready to share) to also show you how much I appreciate you! His face literally lit up like a Christmas tree! He was completely dumfounded. He went back to the pump to finish and back to me to collect what I owed. After the “cash” exchange he said something that I just felt compelled to share. He said, you know, you have no idea how much you have helped me this morning. I appreciate the tip so much but more importantly (and he really said the words “more importantly”), I want you to know that I felt so good hearing you say to me “please” fill up my tank and then by saying “thank you”. And beyond all of that the best part of this meeting is that I got to have a conversation with someone. (A conversation with someone…be still my heart)! This teacher then said to me before we waved goodbye, imagine a world with everyone like that!

A few hours later I parked in the grocery store lot to go get my nails done. Not grocery shopping day. As I exit my car heading towards the nail joint in 23 degree weather with flip flops on I hear what sounded exactly like my father’s voice shouting, “Hey, YOU – You! I was so startled I turned back around. I see this old man who looks exactly like my father standing up the hill. Something called me to walk towards him. Years ago if someone was calling out hey you I would have had a totally different response! As I got closer to him he asked me, do you want this cart? I said, no, I’m not going grocery shopping but I would be happy to take it back for you. He responded gruffly, I don’t care what you do with it but if you take it back you’ll get my quarter. Oh ok, I said, do you want me to bring the quarter back up to you? I would be happy to do that. Nah, he said, you keep it. I almost burst out laughing. I was in awe of the manifestation of the laws of giving and receiving in one morning – all because I was aware! Oh how I want to stay more awake! As I started towards the grocery store pulling his basket I notice a woman rushing out of her car towards the store. I asked, do you need this cart? To which she responded, yes, actually I do. Well, here you go. Her response, thank you so much, thank you so much. I think she said thank you more then three times and then added, you just saved me a quarter and wished me a wonderful day!

Driving away from both experiences literally filled me with a sense of being held in a bubble of unconditional love. I felt such a deep appreciation for my meditation practice. How I have been able to slow down to experience these present moments filled with so much. I was graced to be awake enough to meet the Divine over and over ~ in a gas station and a parking lot. Living proof of our lessons from davidji in the Divine Principle of One, The Sacred Power of Presence, The Sacred Power of Your Ripple, the Sacred Powers of Attention, Intention and Action to name a few. All gifts that I was able to give and receive because of the Divine Principle of Awareness. I may not be on a stage giving a workshop or being invited to share what I know about the secrets of meditation at a studio of some sort but I am called in every moment to live the teachings. And for that I am grateful. Namaste ~

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