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Louise Hay teaches on self love ... “another way (self love) is to be gentle and kind and patient with yourself.

Patience is a very powerful tool. Most of us suffer from the expectation of immediate gratification. We must have it now. We don’t have the patience to wait for anything. We get irritable if we have to wait in lines or are stuck in traffic. We want all the answers and all the goodies right now. Too often, we make other people’s lives miserable by our own impatience.

Impatience is a resistance to learning.

Impatience is a resistance to learning - (needs repeating)

We want the answers without learning the lesson or doing the steps that are necessary.” LH

Two teachings impacted me here ~

Impatience is a resistance to learning - I want to remember to practice this especially as an act of self love. And, the second teaching - that through my impatience I make other people’s lives miserable. Owning my impact ~ thank you Louise Hay. Thank you.

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