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Are you struggling to find hope?

So many of us in society are experiencing grief right now and struggling to find hope, balance and peace. As a grief educator I listen to how people are feeling during their grief. They share so authentically from their hearts ~ “my life has been changed forever, I have nothing to look forward to, I have lost hope.”

Sometimes I sit with people who feel sad and express their feelings around a type of loss called “limbo loss.” They share with me how they feel moving through cancer treatments or a loved ones’ treatments, or they express how they feel and cope with waiting for test results to come back. Some share their sadness around waiting for a loved one to return from college or the military. Often they feel scared, anxious, overwhelmed, worried, tired, disconnected or lonely.

We tend to look forward to the bigger milestones in our lives, like going on a vacation, weddings, graduations, and career changes. In this blog I offer “invitations” to create small but meaningful moments throughout your day that can help you feel connected and start to rebuild the habit of hope, peace and restore balance ~

Here are a few invitations ~

  • Feed the birds. Notice how they take turns at the feeder and return day after day

  • As you walk to your car slow down, don’t rush, pause, just notice for a moment – look up – take a breath – just be for a moment

  • Watch the sunrise or set and spend a few moments in silence reflecting on the love you have for your loved one

  • Observe nature mindfully, notice the new offshoots on your houseplants, in your garden, notice the trees outside

  • Begin to create the ritual of a journal and move your thoughts, feelings and reflections. I read that a study was done at Cambridge University and they found journaling helps improve well-being after traumatic and stressful events. Forget any rules you heard about and just write!

Creating small but meaningful moments of hope can help you feel connected, bring you back into balance and add moments of peace to begin rebuilding the habit of hope.


All is well. I am safe. Life loves me. And so it is.

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