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Extreme Self Care First Aid Kit

Yesterday I learned that one of my most favorite books is now on sale for a limited time on Amazon for $1.99. I read this book so many years ago and I still go back to it. Cheryl has also written many other books and one with my most influential teacher, Louise Hay. I found Louise 30 years ago when I was diagnosed with cancer.

I AM sharing (because it is helping me again - and, someone told me that we teach what we need to learn ourselves or my interpretation, we share what we need to learn ourselves), from Cheryl’s book, The Art of Extreme Self-Care and her chapter on “Creating Your Extreme Self/Care Kit for anyone who might be interested.

The extreme self-care first aid kit consists of ten ways to take care of yourself when you need the most support. To create your kit, ask yourself the following questions ~ today I offer question one to think about ~ stay tuned for the others.

Question 1

Who can I turn to for support when I’m afraid ? Who comforts me, makes me feel safe, and allows me to have my feelings?

Ok so this is huge for me - "turn towards" and especially the words “when I’m afraid." Said another way for me, "who can I turn to when I’m feeling the most vulnerable and scared ~ when I’m beyond able to think clearly?

I’ve had many of those terrifying moments ~ i have received that call from the hospital, experienced those moments where I completely lost my sh$& hearing my loved one died - I have fallen to the ground beside myself with grief and shock. I have stood across from doctors learning the worst news about one of my kids, my husband, you ~ waiting endlessly for a biopsy result, waiting like time has stopped for your reports and updates to come back, and just recently i experienced deep fear watching my retirement fund shrinking.

Thank God I have a list that is very clear in my mind right now. I know who I can turn to and I have. Thank God.

Wow~ just writing this helps me flow deep gratitude for these souls in my life. 🙏

What I know for sure about me now (in Oprah's voice), is that when I do reach out this person needs to be someone who allows me to have my feelings ~ without judging me. That’s important to me. I also need to feel safe with this person meaning that I can trust them to keep my story to themselves. I have also learned that I need to be very clear with this person (when I do reach out) exactly what I need from them. Meaning, today I need you to kick me in the butt, today don’t blow smoke up my skirt and tell me things are going to be ok because we both know neither one of us knows that, or today I need to hear your wisdom on this subject/problem or today I need you to just listen. Just listen.

Thank you God for blessing me with the grace of having this support. I cherish these souls and I pray they know who they are, how much I love them and how much I need them. Help me to be a person in their lives that they can turn to when they are afraid.

In closing, are you very clear on who you can turn to for support when you are afraid? When you think about this person or this "list" of supporters how does it make YOU feel? Does it fill you with grace and appreciation like me?

When we raise our vibration with gratitude we boost our immune systems so I encourage you - Take a moment ~ go inward - reflect - maybe journal about it.

Get really clear.

Tell them.

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