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I CHOOSE to love and enjoy mySelf!

I choose to love and enjoy myself!

When I AM in a state of fear that takes over every thought in my mind I somehow hear my teacher, Louise Hay, saying, “stop scaring yourself. It’s just a thought. And you are scaring the little girl (child) inside of you too!”

Here are some reminders and ways I reconnect with this kid inside of me~

I keep a picture of me as a little girl nearby and reconnect with her (that sounds weird but it really works - I forget that I AM still very much a little girl in many ways) Read a book Go to a movie Take a hot bath Watch something funny on tv Go to the beach Take a walk Draw in my coloring book Listen to uplifting music and dance like no is watching

I ask myself, ok, what would you like to do today to get out of this funk?

When I get really quiet I can hear my little girl inside of me.

She knows and I trust and love her very much.

When I follow through and choose to just pick one of the above, I can feel our relationship healing.

Let the healing begin!

Life loves you. I love you.

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