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Life is always changing isn't it?

“Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It’s already tomorrow in Australia.” - Charles Schultz Life is always changing isn’t it? Something is always dying, something is always being born. That's life!

For some of us this was a tough year - and for some of us it wasn't so tough. Some of us experienced moments that were filled with abundance and some of us experienced moments filled with scarcity. Ah...the joys and woes of a life lived fully.

Did I experience these moments with grace and dignity or did I ......?

How about just for today I set aside some time as I go about my day and choose to think about all the gifts and the "aha" moments I experienced this year?

Next, how about just for today I set aside some time and ask myself, hey, did I end up turning any of my so called challenges and so called negative experiences into blessings? AM I able to see more clearly that these challenges are my “blessings” and for my greater good? What did I learn about myself from these experiences? Hmmm .. deep ... very deep. Who are the people that I AM grateful for? Do they know?

Can I be vulnerable enough today and tell them? Who are/were the”petty tyrants” assigned to help me in my soul’s evolution this year by challenging me?

AM I grateful for them too?

Really? Be honest - go deeper colleen.

Have I silently blest them?

Released them in love? God knows that I would love to write to you that I am grateful for "everything" that I have experienced this year - but I can’t. (Not yet anyway). "Everything" is too big of a word for me at this juncture as I AM very much "a work in progress." And I AM honestly just starting to ask myself these questions - I need more time to reflect.

Yes, of course I will keep in mind what all the masters of wisdom teach and agree upon - how important it is for me to be grateful for everything. I read their words everyday - have you seen my bookshelves? However, "Living" their teachings - really becoming "grateful for everything" - well now that becomes the work for my soul's evolution... I AM willing to learn and grow and I know change begins with that and my awareness.

What I do know for sure (in Oprah's voice swirling in my head as I write), is that I AM grateful for my life. It has served me well once again. I have done the best that I could with the capabilities and the understanding I had in each moment.

I anticipate tomorrow with great excitement.

And, as I reflect upon my year I can write that I now have a "knowing" that who I AM in this precious sacred moment, is enough... I AM Enough.

That life supports me and will continue to love and support me.

That, I love Life, and Life Loves Me! I send you infinite blessings. God bless you and Happy New Year !

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