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Memento Mori

The 11th of November was my birthday - I AM so much like a child when my birthday rolls around - I love everything about it - the extra attention, the cards, the presents, flowers being delivered to my porch, the posts on facebook, the texts I receive with heartfelt notes of love, phone calls, the meals I get to have with my beloved family... My heart actually races a bit from the vibration of joy I AM blest to experience. I thank you for being a part of that joy.

And, I remember way back begging something so much bigger than me, that I didn't really know yet, for "more time" when I was going through a significant health challenge...who knew I would be graced with 33 more birthdays - another reason I love my birth-day! I get to be here!

Many of the companies that I do business with also sent me birthday wishes - I dont mind these - they make me smile. But, the very first email I read that morning really got my attention - I went from day dreaming to fully awake. I had to read it over and over to let the message wash over me and then meditate to observe my thoughts and emotions.

Teachings that land, the ones we integrate, the a/ha moments, are always about the message, the messenger and timing.

Messenger: Daily Stoic


Memento Mori, Colleen!

Happy Birthday! You're one year closer to death.

Timing: my birthday morning

Whoa...wait, what? One year closer to death? It's my birthday - please...I dont want to think about my death!

However, I reasoned, isn't this in fact the perfect birthday gift? The gift of awareness? That I could indeed leave my life right now....

Marcus Aurelius wrote that

“You could leave life right now.

Let that determine what you do and say and think.”

The Stoics believed that thought of our mortality should shadow us everywhere. It should give us a sense of urgency and priority, help us cut out the inessential, inform how we treat other people, and let ourselves be treated.

I read it over and over. Still reading it. Bought the medallion as a reminder.

Now, in this moment, to practice and live this present moment witnessing awareness tool.

Memento Mori.

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