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My goal today is to love myself more today than yesterday ♥️

This is the moment we are living, feeling, experiencing. The past is over and only exists in our minds and in the way we CHOOSE to think about it. What we are thinking, speaking and doing creates tomorrow ~ our future. We are co-creating our future with the Divine. Let that one sink in!

What’s important is WHAT thoughts are we choosing to think, say and do in this moment? Are you loving yourself more in this moment or scaring and criticizing yourSelf? Up to us. We are the only ones thinking in our minds. We get to choose.

My meditation practice has helped me immensely love myself more each day. In fact I know it is the kindest step I take each day to being a better friend to myself. Meditation helps me slow down enough throughout my day (and when I AM falling asleep at night) to be more "mindful" of my thoughts. When that happens I get the opportunity to change any fear based thoughts and CHOOSE loving thoughts which equals right speech and right action to flow.

All the time? Of course not but I bet I’m at around 75%.

Sometimes this goal of loving myself more than yesterday is more challenging. However, I carry an unshakeable willingness to lean into this goal daily. Why? Because I know, not just believe, that in order to love you I MUST love myself. I cannot feel compassion for you if I do not feel compassion for me. I cannot be a good friend to you if I AM not a good friend to me first. I cannot show up for you if I do not show up for myself FIRST. My peloton instructor said today during our class, "you can't drink from an empty cup." I need to keep my own cup full. If I don’t I’m exhausting myself spending tons of energy “posing.” Trying, striving and people pleasing to be someone for you that I am not even for myself. I did that for decades, bought the tickets, got the t shirts and learned a lot. Today I know better and love myself more than yesterday. I was chatting with a very dear friend of mine yesterday and she asked me, will I ever get there? I asked her, do you have moments of loving yourself more today than yesterday? She replied yes! Wonderful. I think it's important to keep in mind that there is no finish line in loving ourselves – how could there be? My finish line will come the moment my Maker calls me back home. In the meantime, I AM willing to keep practicing loving myself more each day and that begins with conscious awareness.

Affirmations I use ~

I love and approve of myself.

I AM enough.

I AM perfect health.

I trust.

And so it is. 🙏

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