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Recap ~

Mindfulness & Support Gathering - 2/2/23

Deep gratitude to those who showed up this week to meditate and support one another. It was a wonderful heart-opening gathering followed by a guided meditation. We were graced to be in the presence of amazing beings seeking peace, willing to share their brave hearts, listen mindfully to each other’s stories and swirl amazing wisdom!

One light among us shared about the breast cancer diagnosis and her subsequent life challenges. How she is now in her second year and was “ready to talk about it.”

We were so honored that she chose this space and time, and our group to share her story. This teacher shared how “faith” and “a gratitude practice” have helped her through this on-going healing journey.

Our discussion question was: Who is the most important person in your life?

You might have guessed that most of us said, “me.” Nope.

Many of us do not fully embrace this belief – we are not the most important person in our lives. That was not how many of us were raised - conditioned. Yet, when we are not prioritizing our own needs we admit, we do tend to get run down, cranky and out of balance.

So knowing that, why don’t we pause throughout the day to check in with ourselves? Listen to the whispers of our hearts? Why do we move so fast, unconsciously, driven by our egos, on autopilot, reacting reflexively and thereby placing ourselves at risk for accidents, burnout, illness? Hmm..

Do I give to mySelf the time, attention, appreciation and grace that I give to others for my own self-care? We believe it’s possible - but - we admit – we forget.

The answers lie within and they begin with awareness. Meditation is an amazing portal for creating more awareness. I call my meditation practice, "awareness training."

I pray you find this question one that will help you pause, breathe a little bit more consciously and more often, and one that will bring you more fully into this moment where you remember who you are, and that you are very, very, important. Yes, YOU!!

I am a unique and magnificent being of light.

I AM whole, pure, perfect.

I AM perfect health.

I love and approve of myself exactly as I am in this moment.

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