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Who can you let love you more today?

When I met davidji for the first time it was at a seven day retreat in Tulum back in 2013. The very first night panic set in alone in my room as I tried to write an answer to the question he asked us about how important is it for you to be loved? The next day as I saw him leaving the meditation hall I chased him down and told him my truth. That was a change for me already! Opening up to a stranger! I told him I needed the “cliff notes” that I wasn’t going to make it through this week. That the feelings coming up were too uncomfortable to manage with no distractions like tv, a phone, no alcohol, no pot. He just listened. I couldn’t hold the intensity of his gaze. His eyes were seeing into my soul. Finally he spoke and said I needed to breathe more deeply and that my life going forward was to discover all those barriers that were keeping me from receiving more love. I remember scratching my head, returning to my room, writing that wisdom down, buckling my seatbelt and leaning into the teachings. I stayed.

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