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Something magical is going to happen today!

We woke up yesterday after a fierce thunderstorm during the night, looked outside in our backyard enjoying our coffee and lo and behold, we see this magnificent blooming branch from our neighbor's tree suddenly hanging over into our yard. That branch was not there the day before! Did the tree get hit by lighting Rene wondered? Did the tree literally hear me saying during our first spring wine and cheese cocktail hour (before the storm), that I loved it so much? Hmmm. I wonder?

I often tell my grandkids when we speak in the mornings, "look for something magical to happen today" and, "remember them so when we talk tonight you can tell me."

I see this branch suddenly appearing in our yard as magical for so many reasons. For one how grateful I AM for my meditation practice that allows me to be more mindful - enjoy more present moments - get out of the land of 60 thousands thoughts about the past or future and just come more fully into this moment. Notice the gifts of this moment.

As crazy as it sounds I do believe this tree heard my thoughts about how much I love it and how excited I was to see it again this spring because we "lost" so many other trees over the winter.

Taking this picture a comforting Native Ancient Proverb rose up in my consciousness:

No tree has branches so foolish as to fight among themselves..

This tree, this branch reminded me of the value of remaining flexible in the storms of my life. To appreciate change as natural and part of life - to surrender & become more adaptable to the winds of change. This tree reminded me to stay grounded and rooted in the Truth of who I AM beyond this body, this mind. And who I AM is not susceptible to the winds of change.

This tree reminded me that it's not doing anything else but be-ing a tree. It appears to be more than "fine" about changing. There's no fighting going on inside of these branches. They know they are branches on a tree - and they know how to just Be. And, in doing so this branch found its way to share its inherent beauty with me. Now that's magical! Also, pure grace.

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