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The time for action is NOW

There are two fatal errors that keep great projects coming to life:

1. Not finishing

2. Not starting - Buddha

Wow did this reading “hit home” for me! I have countless intentions/projects running through my mind and/or that I have scribbled down in journals that have never been brought to life! Why? Why? Some of my reasons (you might call them excuses):

  • I wait because I am not ready yet, I am just not ready yet. Period.

  • It’s not perfect,

  • I bite off too much and get overwhelmed,

  • I become too attached to the results

Yesterday while working out with my Peloton instructor, Robin Arzon, she was teaching on this very message. Robin said we don’t wait to exercise, or "feel like exercising", we just show up, we don’t need to do the whole class, we do what we can.. One rep…two reps.. see where it leads you. Last thing my mind wanted me to do yesterday was exercise but I did it anyway. But I did it “My Wayyyyy.” I turned the laptop on, found her class and just started (I find it helps if I put my gym clothes on as soon as I get up - I learned that from a guest on Oprah a thousand years ago)... I “started" the class, did a few exercises, got moving for a bit and stopped - yup - I didn't finish. I left her class running on my laptop and headed downstairs for a cup of coffee! I just wasn’t feeling it…and I’m ok with that...I worked through resistance for a bit. I moved my body. And, I moved a thought into action. Later on I applied this teaching while putting away our Christmas decorations. As much as I love the way it looks before and during the holidays, dread comes over me when I start the process of putting everything away. (I know, I know, poor colleen – she has so much work to do all by herself, believe me I hear myself whining)...not pretty. That’s my truth though, I get overwhelmed, emotional, a bit nostalgic. I make it soooo much bigger in my thoughts then the reality of the task. I’m learning though – now I just start, I just start, and I break it down to smaller goals….key for me is to select good music that uplifts me, set the intention to pack up one table, one table, go get the boxes, see if it leads me to doing one full room...and ask Rene for help..(that's a big one for me), soon enough it will be just another memory stored away! AM I done? No, but I started. Soon I will finish!

Einstein is a cool cat like the Buddha – he says, “Nothing happens until something moves.”

Just for today I will step forward and move a thought, an intention into an action step!

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