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The Universe is in perfect order...

The Universe is in perfect order.

The Universe is in perfect order.

The Universe is in perfect order.

I like to repeat this affirmation when I start to get overwhelmed with chaotic thoughts.

I remind myself that the stars, the moon and the sun are all operating in perfect Divine Order and mind you, without my meddling.

Just for today ~ I intend to notice that there is a natural order and rhythm in the Universe.

And, I’ll take that deeper and remind myself that I AM part of the Universe.

Pausing throughout my day to take a deep breath in and out allows me the opportunity to notice my thinking. This simple 16 second pattern interrupt breath creates the opportunity for me to shift my attention. As I exhale and become calmer and clearer I realize (again) that I am the one thinking this thought. And, I can simply choose a different thought. Thoughts that bring me back into balance, into the flow and the rymthm of the Universe.

Just for today I will trust that everything is in Divine Order.

Including my life.

My life is in Divine Order at a very deep level.

I trust.

And so it is.

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