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When You Love Yourself, You Grow Up

Today would have been Louise Hay’s 94th birthday🎉

This morning Louise Hay sent ME a gift on her birthday from her book, Trust Life. I read it daily. My gift was an "aha moment." (An aha moment is when the message + the messenger + timing occurs). Louise wrote, “I teach one thing, and one thing only~love yourself. “ As I continued to read, this gem came up and there it was, my "aha moment":

“when you love yourself, you grow up “

Wow - by loving myself I grow up. I never considered that as another reason to learn to love myself.

Loving yourself helps you grow up because you grow beyond your past, beyond your pain, beyond your fears, beyond your ego, and beyond all your small ideas about yourself.

Thank you Louise. Happy Birthday and I love you.

A few of my most favorite affirmations:

I AM willing to grow and learn.

I let go. I release all fear. I let it go. I AM enough.

Picture ~ Louise honored me with this moment of pure grace while we were together waiting for our luggage in France. We were on our way to Lourdes with Wayne Dyer on the tour he named, Miraculous ~ it certainly was for me. I adore Louise and she is forever in my heart.

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