• Colleen M. Doumeng

When your body talks, listen.

~ Source Unknown

Our bodies are magnificent vehicles of expression. Our bodies always tell us when we are out of balance, when we are pushing too hard, when we are experiencing stress.

We all have a unique body part that signals stress as soon as it comes on. For me it’s disruption in my sleep, irritability and headaches. For others it may be digestion issues, back pain, coughs, ear aches. You fill in the blank. I do believe that my body is capable of being my best friend and can send me messages through symptoms. When I have a string of nights where I’m tossing and turning, and/or having headaches, find myself emotionally unaware that I AM irritable and hence trying to control outcomes by bossing my husband around, or being called out by one of my grown kids for "coming in hot", I recognize now that my body is trying to help me. Yes, help me.

There are all kinds of medicines we can take to treat these symptoms and temporarily relieve them. But, I have learned over the years that many times I am simply masking and/or denying what’s really going on.

The symptoms are attempting to get my attention about something deeper. I now hear, “hey, Colleen, take a step back on this one, slow down, breathe, stay in your own lane, consciously communicate, let’s figure out a way to take care. It’s time to get into balance.”

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