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Wondering what you are learning about yourself during the pandemic?

As promised - the questions..

Today after we meditated together via Zoom for peace we shared as a collective on a few themes... grief and some of the "questions" I picked up this past week that I was reflecting upon.

Before I type out the questions let me say thank you to everyone who showed up to meditate with us this morning! Our tribe is growing and my prayer is that it keeps growing. I felt the power of this collective - the love and the peace!!! thank you! thank you!

Next, here are the questions~

I AM wondering ~

What are you learning about yourself?

What are you learning about your life?

What do you need that is so important?

What don't you need that you thought was so important?

(I outed myself on a few of my answers already - I DO NOT NEED ONE MORE SHIRT/BLOUSE AND I DEFINITELY DO NOT NEED ANY MORE SHOES OR POCKETBOOKS) ~ok, desire? that's for another day to ponder!!

And what I do need that is so important is connection..connection...connection....

Thank you to Dotty O'Donnell for encouraging me to write my answers down. I AM committing to you that I will - this week for sure! And thank you Kim Klima McKendry for asking for the questions and sending along the information about Maria Schriver.


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