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What you think of me is none of my business ~

#selflovechallenge - inspired by davidji ~

Part of self-acceptance is releasing other people’s opinions. Many of the things we choose or have chosen to believe about ourselves have absolutely no basis in truth.

Whenever any feelings of inadequacy present themselves I remind myself that they started with me thinking negative thoughts – “stinkin thinkin”. Meditation has made me more aware that these thoughts are only words strung together. And, that these thoughts are just part of the 60 to 80 thousand other thoughts floating in my mind. They have no meaning whatsoever. I AM the one, the only one, who gives them meaning. I choose right here and right now in this precious sacred moment what kind of meaning to give them.

This is an area in my life that I continually work on and proud to say have grown exponentially in! My tools are affirmations, the pattern interrupt breath and my ritualized meditation practice.

We can use the pattern interrupt breath throughout our day to take a “time in.” We can take a deep breath in and as we exhale say to ourselves: I AM willing to let go. I release. I let go. I release all tension. I release all fear. I release all anger. I release all guilt. I release all sadness. I let go of old limitations. I let go, and I am at peace. I am at peace with myself. I am at peace with the process of life. I am safe.

Once it becomes familiar we can use these affirmations during our pattern interrupt breath breaks or before/after our meditation practice anywhere and at anytime. You WILL be able to relax in any situation! I do this on a regular basis!

I feel deep gratitude to davidji for this 40 day Self Love Challenge. It is heightening my awareness around my thoughts, my limiting beliefs, my feelings and ultimately my actions. We know that whatever we place our attention on grows and whatever we take our attention away from will wither and die.

Let’s remember today that we’re always perfect, always beautiful, and always changing. We’re doing the best we can with the understanding, knowledge and awareness we have. As we grow our best gets better and better and better!

Keep meditating~and thank you for being a part of raising the vibration for peace. I love you.

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