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Listening ~

How can I love myself a little bit more today?

Listen to yourself ~ Have you ever had the nerve to record your voice and listen to how you sound? Honestly, I have not done that. However, I have listened to myself speak on the recordings of the davidji monthly "all teachers webinars". Talk about my self critic rising up! Sometimes I cannot believe how I sound! Many times during these calls when I anticipate davidji might call on me, my heart beats so fast that I think everyone can hear it!

Louise Hay suggests that we tape our telephone conversations for a week or so - just our voice and then listen to it. The idea is to listen not only to what we say, but the way we say it. What are our beliefs? Who and what do we criticize? Which parent, if any, do you sound like?

For years close family members would tell me that I sounded just like my father. And honestly, my father was probably one of the most difficult men I ever had to get along with. It was never a compliment to hear that.

My ritualized meditation and mindfulness practice has helped me develop a brand new self kindness inner muscle. This self kindness muscle has helped me to stop picking on myself so much. It has taken me to a place of forgiveness, release and healing. It has enabled me to accept others for who they are. It has allowed me to stop trying to change people - to be more accepting - less judgmental. All the time? Of course not - but more then yesterday.

Funny how that works~we change, the world changes all around us.

For today ~ Listen~to yourSelf~how I speak the words I use~my tone

(cursing is not only putting more violence in the world, the words are negative affirmations). This is a p s for me because I have a “potty mouth lately!”

Sending you love and peace from Long Island New York

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