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Day One - this challenge is inspired by my teacher, davidji.

For today, where will I place my attention around self love? What is my intention for self love? What one action step AM I willing to take towards my personal growth and transformation?

This week during our monthly “all teachers webinar” hosted by davidji (I am one of the advanced Masters of Wisdom Meditation Teachers certified by davidji) he challenged us to a 40 day challenge on....

Self Love - I'm in - anyone want to join me - ?

what this means is that we keep "self love" in our awareness for 40 days beginning today.

davidji suggested manicures/pedicures/massages - Personally, I need to go even deeper. i dont remember all of his suggestions however I do know he is suggesting this as a guide to our continued personal transformations.

In his latest book, Sacred Powers, he teaches that “The Power of Attention is the doorway to our ultimate transformation, without it we are sleepwalking through life. By recognizing it, harnessing it, and cultivating it, we truly become the master of each moment!”

Wow. I want to be a master of each moment! Let that jewel of wisdom settle in.

I have learned from davidji that it all starts with awareness. And how do we cultivate more awareness? Meditation - Yoga - establishing ourselves in the present moment!

davidji teaches that Transformation is not possible without ATTENTION (what are you placing your attention on right now because whatever it is it will expand and whatever you take it away from withers and dies).

INTENTION (simply directs the mind toward a purpose or a plan)

AND ACTION (action leads to change and change leads to growth)

and it begins with awakening the Sacred Power of Awareness ~ which includes Attention Intention Action.

I have been a student of Louise Hay most of my adult life. I carry her heart in mine with each beat.

Louise Hay's philosophy is "When we really love ourselves, everything in our life works." She says that no matter what our problems seem to be, there is only one thing she ever worked on with anyone, and this is Loving the Self. "Love is the miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives." This isn't about vanity or arrogance or being conceited because she teaches, this is only fear. She is talking about "having a great respect for ourselves and a gratitude for the miracle of our bodies and our minds."

She asks in her book, You Can Heal Your Life, what are some of the ways you don't love yourself and gave a bunch of ideas. Yikes - I had all nine highlighted - here's the first one:

We scold and criticize ourselves endlessly.

Ok, yup - this many years later I am still doing this - i'm going back to her suggestion - and it is a little weird -but I did do this a long time ago and then forgot about it -

I'm committing to doing it again starting today - bringing it into my awareness, I’ll set an intention and I will commit to taking a minimum of one action step toward my desire to stop criticizing and scolding myself. Ugh. It’s exhausting.

Louise Hay: "I ask clients to pick up a small mirror, look into their own eyes, and say their names and, "I love and accept you exactly as you are."

(I'm going to do this as I brush my teeth looking into my bathroom mirror after I write myself a reminder) - I commit

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